ADAGE NFT giveaway

Delegate to ADAGE and win NFTs


The giveaway is over

The giveaway campaign finished in epoch 333, so there are no more CNFT's to give away. If you are dying to get one of the NFT's your best bet is one of the CNFT trading platforms.

In epoch 313 ADAGE will launch a 100 NFT giveaway competition that will span 20 epochs. To participate you only need to delegate to ADAGE. If you win a CNFT will be sent to one of your addresses shortly after the epoch ends.

You can delegate at any time/epoch, but to be eligible you need to have an active stake (you stake is considered active after being delegated to ADAGE for 2 epochs or more).

NFT policy id:

How it works

After each epoch 5 of the 100 unique NFTs will be given to 5 different ADAGE delegators that hold a stake of 50 ADA or more. If you delegate a larger stake, you will have more chances of winning, but it is not a linear relationship. That means that even small delegators will have a pretty good chance of winning one of the NFTs.


Calculate your chance of winning

Enter how much you have delegated to ADAGE and calculate your chance of winning a NFT in the current epoch:

Based on the current stake distribution 50 ADA gives you 10 tickets in the NFT lottery. This translates to a 0.25% chance of winning a NFT in any given epoch. Remember that the giveaway will run for 20 epochs!

Buy the NFT and support the Veritree project

There are 100 unique images in the giveaway. 2 NFTs have been minted for each unique image. One NFT is won in the giveaway and the other is put up for sale at If the NFT is sold then the proceeds will be donated to the Veritree project.

Thanks to the Wombo AI

The NFTs for the giveaway were minted with express permission from Wombo Art, and the giveaway would not have been possible without them. is a great app for generating AI-art, and in the future they plan enable NFT-minting on the Ethereum blockchain directly in the app.

NFT Preview

Below you can see a preview of the 100 NFTs that you can win in the giveaway or get from

Pool details
Delegate now, Ticker:


You can delegate from Yoroi, Deadalus or AdaLite

1 Create a wallet and go to the delegation section.
2 Find the ADAGE ticker and delegate.
3 For some wallets you may need the pool-id
? See Get stated section for further assistance

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