About Adage & this stake pool

Pool fees

Adage pool fees are very easy to understand:

  • There is a fixed 0.84% fee on rewards earned
  • Cardano also has a mandatory fee, that is meant to cover running costs of the pool. For ADAGE this fee is set to 170 ADA per epoch

If you want to delegate to this pool simply open your wallet and search for the ticker: ADAGE. Read more about how you get started here.

Infrastructure and hardware

Adage Stake Pool is one of a few pools located in Scandinavia. In the name of decentralization I have opted not to use any of the large scale cloud solutions such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft or similar for the main pool node. Instead the server is located in a air-conditioned and dust free server room where I work.

The server features a dedicated Intel® Xeon® E3-1246v3 CPU and 32GB memory. Software wise it is running cardano-node v on Ubuntu Server.

To keep costs down, the relays are running on cloud servers. The relay servers are located in different geographic locations and are each equipped with two cores and 4GB RAM. Currently I also have a dedicated server running as a backup node and relay.

The pool website

Many pool sites just consist of a landing page with a ticker name. But I want to take it a bit further and also provide more transparency with my site. This way you are able to track the pool performance in a more detailed way, and also see what software the pool is running, the uptime, network state etc. For security reasons the adage.adaism.uk pool site is running on a different server from the pool.

Cardano-node is frequently being updated, so you may want to check out the news/blog section for more up-to-date information about the state of the network and the pool.


I have been involved in the crypto space for more than 5 years, and I am a firm Bitcoin supporter. In my opinion it will be very hard for competing crypto currencies to dethrone Bitcoin because of its unique history and properties. But I also think there is room for other quality projects, and in my opinion Cardano has what it takes to become the first truly decentralized smart contract platform, that uses Proof of Stake as it's consensus model.

Happy staking!

Pool details
Delegate now, Ticker:


You can delegate from Yoroi, Deadalus or AdaLite

1 Create a wallet and go to the delegation section.
2 Find the ADAGE ticker and delegate.
3 For some wallets you may need the pool-id
? See Get stated section for further assistance

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